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The LTL Taipei Summer Camp is intensive Mandarin study whilst also enjoying the thrills of discovering Taipei.

Students study Mandarin for four hours in the morning at our language school, followed by an afternoon of fun and activities.

On the weekends we do day trips and the program offers extensive Mandarin progress in a safe and supervised environment.

The Taipei Summer Camp is open for children from 7 to 17 years of age, but teenagers must be at least 11 years old to come to Taiwan without parents.

See what Anfisa and Daria thought of the LTL Summer Camp
  • Safe and fully supervised
  • Fun and adventurous
  • Fast language progress
  • Make friends from all over the world
  • Parents also welcome to join

A School You Can Trust

Since 2007: we have been looking after teenagers in Taiwan
LTL Summer Camp: established and trusted by many
Our Team: our camp councillors have years of experience
24/7 Support: Emergency? Sick child? We are reachable 24/7!

Always Fun, Always Friendly

Together: enjoy and explore Taiwan with other teenagers
Activities: sight-seeing, painting, kong fu, shopping and more
Make friends: meet others and make friends quickly
Young & fun: A summer designed to be full of fun for all

Feel Safe & Secure

Supervised: the whole camp is fully supervised by the LTL team
Homestays: a family that looks after a child like their own
Residential Camp: live near the school with a supervisor
LTL Taipei: a super safe city with 24/7 support from our team

Boost Your Mandarin In No Time

Quick progress: students learn and improve their Mandarin fast
Small classes: average of 3, never more than 6 per class
Great teachers: experienced, certified Mandarin teachers
Focused curriculum: delivered by the very best teachers


Coming to Taipei for the summer will provide an unforgettable experience for your child whilst also boosting their Mandarin skills with the help of our amazing teaching team.

From Monday to Friday participants study Mandarin at the camp in the mornings, followed by an exciting and varied cultural program in the afternoon. Every Saturday we go for a fun trip, visiting the beaches, old villages and mountains around Taipei.


Students can choose to study for any preferred length of time, from one week to the whole eight week program. For students who want to stay longer or arrive earlier, extension programs can be offered.

June 12th 2023June 19th 2023June 26th 2023July 3rd 2023
July 10th 2023July 17th 2023July 24th 2023July 31st 2023


This will depend on if you choose to sign up for the homestay camp or the residence camp.


Accommodation is with a Taiwanese homestay family, allowing your child to experience Taiwanese culture first hand, while practicing language skills and discovering the incredible island of Taiwan.

From Monday to Saturday breakfast and dinner are taken with the host family and lunch at the school.

On Sundays all meals are with the family and the student can participate in family trips and social activities.

Students live in single rooms.


Accommodation is in the LTL residence, together with other summer program participants in shared rooms.

A program coordinator from our team lives with the participants.

The coordinator will also organize activities, support and supervise all children during the program.

Students eat all meals together, either at home, the school or at a local restaurant in the area. 



Parents can accompany their children to Taipei and either study a Chinese language course on their own, share accommodation with their child or take a break and explore Taiwan while their child is at the summer camp.

Please enquire with us for a tailor made program for you and your family.

DAY CAMP (7-17 Years Old)

With the Day Camp, students participate in all classes and social activities, but stays with his or her parents at night and on Sundays.

The day camp will include lunch at the school.

During weekend trips, transport to the school can be arranged, depending on location.


  • 20 hours a week of Chinese language class
  • Cultural activities in the afternoon Monday to Friday
  • School day trip on Saturdays
  • Text books
  • School lunch
  • A fun, supportive and safe environment 
  • Guardian Program
  • Visa Support
  • Airport pick-up and drop-off
  • For homestay and residence camp participants breakfast and dinner are included
  • The opportunity to make friends with other students from all over the world

PLEASE NOTE || Airfare, Visa expenses, Insurance and non camp related expenses are not covered.

TAIPEI SUMMER CAMP || PRICES (in New Taiwan Dollars)

Below is a list of the Taipei Summer Camp packages. We’ve included a list of what is and is not included in the price.

FAMILY DISCOUNTS || Book the summer camp for two or more children together and receive 5% off the summer camp price. Prices are listed in New Taiwanese Dollars.

DurationHomestay CampResidence CampDay CampJunior Half Day Camp
1 week49,20040,40025,50014,800
2 weeks95,40078,80049,60028,700
3 weeks139,100115,40072,50041,800
4 weeks180,400150,30094,30054,300
5 weeks219,500183,600115,00066,200
6 weeks256,300215,300134,60077,400
7 weeks291,000245,300153,10088,100
8 weeks323,700273,800170,60098,300
Prices are all in NTD (New Taiwan Dollars)

Residence Camp Information:


We have different activities every week, but this is what a typical week in the summer camp looks like.

08:00-08:30Breakfast at camp/homestayBreakfast at camp/homestayBreakfast at camp/homestayBreakfast at camp/homestayBreakfast at camp/homestay
09:00-13:00Chinese classChinese classChinese classChinese classChinese classRepulse Bay Beach Day TripActivities in Camp or with Homestay
13:00-14:00Lunch at schoolLunch at schoolLunch at schoolLunch at schoolLunch at schoolRepulse Bay Beach Day TripActivities in Camp or with Homestay
14:00-18:00Longshan TempleChinese Chess and Badminton Qingguang Market & ShoppingChinese paintingNational Palace
Repulse Bay Beach Day TripActivities in Camp or with Homestay
18:30Dinner at camp/homestayDinner at camp/homestayShilin Night Market TourDinner at camp/homestayDinner at camp/homestay


What activities do you offer?

During the summer camp we explore Longshan temple, learn Chinese painting and check out markets and museums together.

Every afternoon after class we do a different activity and the choice is very wide.

On Saturdays we do whole day trips to destinations that take a bit longer to get to.

At LTL School we offer so much more than just a learn Chinese experience.

Can my child take a course before or after the camp also?

Yes and many students do this.

It is possible to organize a program before or after the summer camp where your child will study Mandarin and live with a homestay, including afternoon cultural activities or additional 1 on 1 classes.

Please Note – The residence program is only available during the summer camp.

Can families participate as well as just children?

Yes, parents can accompany their children to Taipei and either study a Chinese language course on their own, share accommodation with their child or take a break and explore Taiwan while their child is at the summer camp.

Please enquire with us for a tailor made program for you and your family.

Can I speak to previous participants?

Yes of course you can.

Just send us a message letting us know where you are from and your child’s age. We will then put you in contact with the parents of a child who did a similar summer program last year.

Likewise, we have a YouTube Channel with a whole wealth of parent/student interviews.

Can siblings and friends come together?

Absolutely yes.

We even offer a 5% discount for any Chinese language summer camp participants who sign up together.

How far is it to LTL School?

Homestay’s are usually also within 30 minutes of the school, though sometimes it is necessary to take public transport to the school.

Parents can let us know their preferences for the homestay when filling out the LTL homestay questionnaire before a child arrives.

What if my child is ill?

Our team is here to look after your child at all times.

Taipei has excellent international health care facilities and we will of course accompany your child to see a doctor whenever needed.

If you need advice what should be covered, please contact us.

Do you offer courses for juniors all year round?

Yes we do.

Feel free to get in touch with us if you’d like to organise a program outside the Summer Camp.

Who are you homestay families?

Summer campers are only placed with our most trusted and experienced homestay families in Taiwan.

We know our homestay families personally and most of them are relatives or friends of our team. Even though we have known each other for many years, we still inspect all families regularly.

Homestays are an LTL school specialty and about 80% of all Chinese language camp participants stay with a homestay every year.

How long are lessons at LTL?

Each lesson lasts 55 minutes.

We then have a quick 5 minute break before going ahead with the next class.

What is the weather like in Taipei during the Summer?

Hot and wet!

June through to October is typhoon season in Taiwan.

May and June are the rainiest months in Taipei.

Find out more about the weather in Taipei here.

What sort of food do you eat?

We’ll be introducing our Summer Campers to a whole host of excellent Chinese cuisine.

Trust us when we say Chinese cuisine is broad!

A great thing about coming to Taiwan is learning how to order food off a Chinese menu.

I just want to say thank you for an exemplary month filled with joy and happiness.

– Student Noah


Thanks for all your support 老师们 and the guides. Hannah had a memorable summer.

– Taki (Mother of Hannah)


I wanted to thank everyone for this amazing month… All of you made it special.

– Student Marco



Our student advisor will reach you within 24 hours and get your course booked up in no time.